Temperly London

Already as a child, one could trace her talent as a designer. The British designer, who wanted to be Ginger Rigersby, used to design clothes made out of lamp fabric. Today, her romantic designs capture the attention of the very Duchess of Cambridge.
If Alice Temperley would have to choose the era to live in, she would undoubtedly travel to the Paris of the 1920’s. “I would love to experience something like Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” and be transported to that golden era. For now, I conform myself with  designing beautiful clothes”.

If we were to describe the specialty of this British designer, we would summarize it as romantic, nostalgic and feminine fashion. Most especially her designs full of sequins which famous personalities such as Mila Jokovich, Keira Knightley, the Duchess of Cambridge or Pippa Middleton absolutely love.  


Temperly London exclusively for Love is in the air.

Temperly London - Love is in the air

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