Alberta Ferretti

Sensuality, emerging in its most feminine and conscious form, is expressed with determination and warmth. Freer to feel unabashedly feminine, these women transform their strength into alluring radiance.
The Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2017 collection presents garments that can be worn alone or combined and layered to tell new stories. These clothes are creative tools for telling the story of a new woman whose personality strongly conveys unambiguous and conscious femininity.
“With this collection I wanted to introduce passion into my fashion narrative. Following my instinct, I expanded my romantic vision of femininity, adding the passionate character of women who openly express their feminine sensuality. They have a warmer, more radiant personality because they are freer and have no complexes. This is why I also used a touch of eccentricity to accentuate their physicality and character,” says Alberta Ferretti.

The collection juxtaposes different personalities and meanings. Ultra-feminine outfits are combined with menswear trousers and blazers. Tulle kimonos reveal embroidered sleeves, while airy chiffon dresses are worn over menswear trousers made of shiny silk shantung. The same fabric is used for dresses with dramatic crisp ruffles that precede long chiffon dresses cinched at the waist with leather belts that wrap around the waist bustier-style.
Bras are visible underneath completely sheer blouses worn like voile bed jackets. Silk grosgrain ribbons run down long kimonos, tracing movement. Fil coupé jacquard jackets and trousers are worn with organza pieces. The classic “Mia Mule” has a more relaxed look with floral embroidery or bugle bead embellishments which are also featured on clothing.
This deliberate layering is not done to create a theatrical effect, but to establish an unexpected narrative of discontinuity affirmed through a line that emphasizes the shoulders or leaves them bare in strapless dresses, accentuating a silhouette that transforms from languid to passionate through softer, fuller, flowing volumes.


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